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“Ease your mind and enjoy success
when I take you by the hand and
walk with you step-by-step through my
Smart Woman’s Year of
Entrepreneurial Transformation.
Discover easy, proven, solutions that will
attract more clients, create high visibility
for you, and generate more
profit into your business.”


From: Joy Chudacoff
RE: A Year of Entrepreneurial Transformation
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Friend,

Hi there, I’m Joy Chudacoff and I want to personally work with you to help you attract more clients and turn your passion into profit with some easy, proven solutions that I’ve used with 100’s of women entrepreneurs over the last 6 years.

These simple, time-tested solutions can work for you too…..

No matter where you are in your business, whether you’re in start-up mode or you’ve been in business for a few years, these proven solutions work. 

I'm now offering YOU a *special* Year of Transformation Program so I can help you uncover the "gems" that will take you and your business to the next level of success.

Photo of Shannon DukeTransform your business to it's full potential

"After working with Joy for a few months, I recently completed our 1 Day VIP Retreat. I went in with some aggressive goals for the day to put together a full marketing strategy to redesign my programs and move into some new areas. Frankly, I was skeptical as to how much could really be achieved in one day. I'm thrilled to say that my day with Joy exceeded my expectations. Tactically, I have a full strategy plan for the next year, including: full website redesign, new programs, new marketing strategies. It's clear Joy has done this work with her own business and had a lot of valuable feedback and insights. What was unexpected and perhaps even more wonderful, is that I feel like Joy really 'got' who I am through our time together. She helped me see the power in all my existing work and that it was really more about repackaging, than reinventing. What a breakthrough. I would highly recommend Joy to help you transform your business to it's full potential."

—Shannon Duke, www.DukeRevelations.com


Photo of Jessica MaesI get results

"I THINK BIGGER when I talk to you. I brought an $800 IDEA to one of our calls and we turned the same idea into a $3200 PLAN. I have MORE CONFIDENCE when I talk to you. You help me believe that my ideas are possible. I MOVE FORWARD thanks to our coaching. I feel a responsibility to our coaching relationship to DO what I say I will do on our calls. I GET RESULTS from the actions we discuss. There is not one thing you have suggested to me that has not worked. You have the formula for marketing down pat."

—Jessica Maes, Maes Consulting, Inc., www.JessicaMaes.com

I've created a program that will dramatically increase your business results with personal, private, VIP coaching you can depend on which will boost your confidence, clarity and consistency in attracting your ideal client and more income.

Photo of Michelle Martin"I'm excited to have participated in the Virtual Success Circle, Joy provides so much information, and is so supportive!

"Participating in Joy's Virtual Success Circle was one of the best business decisions I have made this year! During the program, I was able to pinpoint the areas of my business where I need to focus in order to grow. I have been "stuck" for a couple of years, struggling to grow beyond the amount of work I can accomplish. With Joy's direction, I was able to identify where I need to hire additional help in order to allow me to do the work I love the most. Joy has a supportive, encouraging way about her, and the materials provided with the course are invaluable for continued learning and business growth. I have referred to my notes, the handouts and the recordings numerous times during the coarse and will continue to do so as I implement the strategies we covered in the Virtual Sucess Circle. Thanks, Joy, for going above and beyond what you promised to deliver during the course of the Success Circle!"

—Michelle Martin, Publisher, Fort Worth Metro Woman, www.MetroWomanFortWorth.com
Founder, C3 for Women, www.C3forWomen.com


The Benefits were Immediately Apparent!

"The specific benefits I get from you that are the MOST important and were immediately apparent are clarity and the desire to act. From our first meeting you were able to take all my scattered thoughts and ideas and put them down on paper then help me to create the actions to make them happen. You have motivated me to act on things that you weren’t even aware of, like writing the chapter for the book. The result that has impacted me and my business more than anything has been the identification of our ideal client that you helped me to determine! I’m going to practice my gratitude now…. I am grateful for DeAnn and Cathy for being that bridge that led me to meeting you! Thank you!"

—Bibi Goldstein, Buying Time, LLC - Your Personal Errand Assistant, www.buyingtimellc.com


Photo of DeAnn Flores ChaseShe has helped me to pinpoint my target market

"Since I have worked with Joy in our Success Circle, I have gained peace of mind and time. By teaching me the concept of “batching,” Joy has taught me that it is okay not to instantaneously respond to every call or e-mail that comes in. She has also helped me to pinpoint my target market so that I can focus my marketing dollars in these areas. I love Joy and her enthusiasm and energy.

As they say, words cannot express, how much I enjoy and grow through our Success Circle. I highly recommend Joy to any woman looking to grow her business, and to 'have it all'!"

—DeAnn Flores Chase, Founder, www.SouthBayBusinessLawyers.com

Since 2005, I’ve been providing value to 100’s of women entrepreneurs offering them the ability to get clear and focused on their business vision and where they want to go.

I’ve helped women just like you create high-quality marketing services and programs that generate more visibility and generate more profits and higher levels of success along the way.

Sometimes all it takes is someone to hold your hand and take you step-by-step through a proven process that will pave your way to success.

I’ve spent years and hundreds and thousands of dollars figuring out what works (and what doesn’t) and I’m ready to share this valuable information with You!

I was struggling...The Creating The Spark Success Circle came at a perfect time

“The “Creating the Spark” Success Circle came at a perfect time for me. I wasPhoto of Corinne Bourdeau struggling a little bit with what I wanted my business to be. What was the next level? How was I going to finish the book I was writing? I also wanted to focus on who I am, what do I want to be and what do I want to create in the world. The “Creating the Spark” Success Circle gave me that.”

—Corinne Bourdeau, Founder 360 Degree Communications, www.360DegreeComm.net

During a 4-month process, my business grew 10 fold!

Photograph of client, Kim Scott"This week I completed Joy’s Profits with Passion: Success Circle. It was a 4-month process, which led me through marketing my business, prioritizing, and managing my time. The group sessions were chalked full of useful information and the individual coaching sessions with Joy helped me fine-tune my strategy and address my stumbling blocks. During this 4-month process my business grew 10 fold! Thank you Joy, your guidance has proven invaluable."

Kim Scott, Managing Partner, www.PracticalSeminars.com


This is what I hear from women all the time....

The longer you stay “trapped” or “stuck” on what to do, the more money you’re losing over time. By working with me closely in my 1 year program, you’ll get a business breakthrough that will move you into positive action in your business! By the way, women who work with me privately report that they have immediate results within the first 30 days!

You will enjoy 20 private, personal 1 hour transformative telephone calls with me where we will: :

  • Work one-on-one to uncover how you best benefit your ideal client and action steps you can take right away to attract more of your ideal clients. This will be a real marketing makeover!
  • Discover valuable, proven tips and solutions that really work for you right away.
  • Craft your “WOW” statement or as some like to call it, your marketing message so that your ideal client will immediately get excited and want to know more when they meet you.
  • Develop a clear plan on which marketing strategies would work best for YOU right away to generate more business.
  • Uncover quick strategies to develop programs that will “highlight” your product or service and accelerate the growth of your business.
  • Determine how you will find your ideal client quickly and effectively.
  • Make sure you get the personalized attention you need to go over any challenges you may have in putting it all together.

I must warn you that I can ONLY accept 3 women into this program each year due to the commitment I’m making in time and support so if you are interested, you should act right away.

Here are the details for my powerful, time-tested proven One Year Business Breakthrough Transformation:


You and I will explore what your Big Ideas, Dreams and Goals are for your business. In this first call, I’ll help you “unearth” where the hidden gems are in your business using my signature “process and plan” method. Many times, your gold “nuggets” are right under your nose and it just takes someone like me to help you see them and take action on them.


You and I will discover how to take the hidden "gems" in your business and use them to attract more of your ideal client and increase the growth of your business by using your “gifts.” I believe that every woman has a “gift” that they bring to their business and it’s essential that we discover yours so you can use it. When women use their “gifts” to build their business, it seems almost effortless!

Creating a Plan to Support your Entrepreneurial Vision

You and I will put a plan together that will generate increased visibility and have you seen as the “expert” in your industry. We will use my proven Smart Woman’s Blueprint for Success™ to design a step by step, easy to follow plan for each strategy that feels like a best fit for you. My business has doubled over the last two years and when I sat down and analyzed what I did differently, I realized it was becoming more visible in my target market. I will share with you exactly what I did and how you can do it too!

Recharge and Renew your Mindset for Success

Learn the two types of environment that you must have in order to succeed in every area of your life – especially business! You discover easy solutions to create the environment that’s perfect for you to become more productive in your business

Time is a Woman’s Best friend – Getting the “Right” Things Done to keep you on Track and Focused

Discover what your time is really worth. You’ll learn how to master high priority versus low priority items. I’ll share my secrets on how you can make scheduling your time a breeze

Having Support is the Key to Everything

You and I will explore where you need additional support in your business and then determine who would be right for your needs. You’ll also discover your why it’s so important for you to stay in your “genius” and allow others to support you.

Make it Happen!

You will be fully into your new marketing plan that we created together. You’ll be implementing the marketing strategies that are “unique” to you. This is an exciting time for my clients. They begin to see the huge results and rewards through attracting more clients and creating more income for their business.

Celebrate Your Success!

You and I will celebrate your success, as well as look at ways you can now take the marketing system we’ve created for you and grow it even bigger. Once you understand your target market and how to become more visible with them, the ideas just keep flowing in!

VALUE for all of the Above ($6000.00)

My private clients report that our work together continues to deepen their knowledge and they make Big Leaps and create an even bigger vision for their business.

Many women entrepreneurs work with me over and over again to stay focused and consistent with their marketing message.

Plus you'll receive:

2 Full Day VIP Retreats with me at the Inn at Playa del Rey where we will create, strategize and plan for your business in 2011 and beyond.

These One-Day Retreats will take place during the 1st quarter of 2012 (Jan-March) and we will meet again in the last quarter of 2012 (September-November). I’ve timed this perfectly so you can gain momentum at the beginning of the year and continue to vision and plan for the future during our fall retreat.

This one Day Retreat includes

  • An entire day of personal private time with me to discover what will take your business to the next level
  • Overnight stay at the peaceful, relaxing Inn at Playa del Rey
  • Wake up to a steaming cup of coffee and delicious homemade breakfast
  • Lunch with me
Smart Woman's Year of Entrepreneurial Transformation™
1 Year Plan
20 Private Personal 1 Hour Coaching Calls 

BONUS - 2 Full Day VIP Private Retreats

BONUS - Free Audio Recording of Each Call

BONUS - Easy to Implement Exercises

BONUS - Joy's Smart Woman's Action Plan for Success™

Total Investment:


She listened to my idea and help me create a plan

"Did you ever have an idea that kept bugging you, but you were not able to make it happen? You keep thinking about it, sharing it with friends but it never seems to come together? When I met Joy, it all became a reality. Joy has a talent for helping people achieve their goals. She listened to my idea and she helped me create a plan to make it happen. She gave me an easy to follow road-map to reaching the goal."

Darya Allen-Attar, Morgan Stanley – Smith Barney

If you want to reach more of your ideal clients and grow your profits, then you must discover how to effectively reach people and make them excited to work with you.

I can help you get clear. If you are ready to take your business to the next level of success, I can help you get there.

I’ve already coached hundreds of women entrepreneurs and small business owners to get their marketing act together and increase their business 10%, 30%, 50%. 

And I offer you my complete, 100% Smart Woman Money Back Guarantee.

** Special Bonus Items **

When you sign up for your Smart Woman's Year of Entrepreneurial Transformation™, you’ll also receive Special Bonuses.

Bonus #1 - A free audio recording of each call.

Our Entrepreneurial Success Sessions will be so crammed with valuable, effective marketing strategies for you that I want to record the calls for you. Otherwise, there’s no way you can take notes fast enough! Within 36 hours of our call together, you will receive a recording of our entire call so you can review all of the “gold nuggets” we uncovered. Many clients report that they still review the call for months afterward as it helps to keep them focused and moving in a positive direction on their business goals.

Bonus #2 - Easy to implement exercises

That I’ve used in my Smart Woman’s Business Breakthrough Success Circles to help you speed up your process and move forward much faster.

Bonus #3 - Joy’s Smart Woman’s Action Plan for Success

You will receive my Smart Woman’s Action Plan for Success which is my own personal navigation chart that keeps me on track and focused on what’s most important in my business and my personal life.

This is a unique opportunity
available for a very limited time
and a limited number of women

Because of the personal attention you get, I can only handle a small number of women entrepreneurs each month.

By taking advantage of this valuable offer, you’ll be way ahead at the beginning of the year when everyone else is just getting started with their New Year's resolutions.

So please don’t put this off.  I don’t want you to wait weeks to schedule a time with me on my busy calendar or miss out on this limited time offer completely.

My Personal Smart Woman Guarantee!

Photo of Joy ChudacoffI’m so confident that you will receive incredible value from our time together, I stand behind my 100% Smart Woman Money Back Guarantee.  If at the conclusion of our first call you feel that you didn’t get value from our first private session, simply let me know and you will get 100% of your money back.  No questions asked. 

And that’s my promise to you.


As you can see I’m putting myself and my reputation on the line here to help YOU.  I’m confident that this proven Smart Woman's Year of Entrepreneurial Transformation™ is EXACTLY what you need right now in your life and your business.

You Deserve to Invest in Yourself
and the Future of Your Business.

"Yes, Joy! I want you to coach me on how I can attract more of my ideal clients and discover easy, proven marketing strategies that will generate more profit into my business.  I want to short-cut my personal path to success."

1 Year Program

Only $10,000 - Best deal!

Click here to book 1 Year Program by paying in full!

- or -

10 Payment Option - $2000 Down Payment
- then ONLY $947/month

Click here to book your 1 Year Program in 10 installments!


We accept We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amercian Express

She helped me establish an action plan for success

"While coaching with Joy, she helped me establish an action plan for success while becoming more focused and consistent in my message---allowing me to see my bigger vision. Joy has so much to offer and made such a difference in my business. I was so impressed with her that I asked her to become the Life and Business Coach for the National Association of Entrepreneur Moms."

Cathy Alessandra, Today's Womanpreneur, www.TodaysWomanpreneur.com

Be well,


P.SRemember, you’ll get personal coaching from me…serious time on the phone with lots of detailed and focused solutions for you and your business.

P.P.S.  You know you deserve to be making more money in your business.  You are a talented, smart woman who has a service that the world needs.  I’ve helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs achieve a business breakthrough and I can help you too. 



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