Discover the Most Common Scenarios That Keep Your Business Stuck and What You Need to Do To Get the Edge…

Is it possible that your business isn’t quite where you want it to be (yet) because…

  • You have the wrong support team or partnerships in place
  • You’re maxed out on the hours you can work and your earnings are capped
  • You’ve managed to build a viable business and have been quite successful despite yourself
  • You’ve achieved an impressive level of success yet you have a chaotic work schedule with no real, duplicable systems in place
  • Finally, you’re doing WAY more than your fair share in the business and you haven’t yet learned how to step away from work to rest and rejuvenate.

Joy helps her clients move past these business growing pains (and more) to achieve greater results.

She’s taken clients from:

  • No systems and no goals to doubling income in one year
  • A maxed out practice on the verge of burnout to streamlined systems and increased fees
  • Too many ideas and not enough time for herself to a new brand and 44% increase in revenue

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“Joy totally transformed my way of thinking.”

“Working with Joy helped bring the clarity that I had been seeking for years. She helped me lay the groundwork for moving my six-figure consulting firm towards a seven figure business. Joy totally transformed my way of thinking.

I don’t know how she did it, but she was able to give me the confidence to let other people handle the administrative elements and day-to-day demands and distractions of the business to free me up to operate and think like a true CEO. Implementing her recommendations has allowed me to thrive and enjoy a more strategic role so that I am more valuable to our clients and can better position the company to advance to the seven-figure level. Having Joy’s constant support removed the guilt, confusion, and fear that had been holding me back.”

— Teri Black-Brann,

Discover How Joy Can Help Your Business Gain Momentum and Achieve Rapid Results

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