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FINALLY A Collaborative Business Partner Who Listens, Knows Where You Are Now, Where You Need to Be & Can Help You Create a Business that Supports Your Lifestyle On Your Terms, Streamline Your Business Systems, AND Maximize Your Marketing Efforts So You Enjoy Greater Profits and More Peace of Mind!

From the desk of Joy Chudacoff

Dear Smart Woman,

I believe everything happens for a reason. This means you’re here for a reason and you’re ready to strengthen your business so you can fully enjoy a more balanced, productive and profitable lifestyle. You’re here because you’re looking for smart, practical, no-nonsense, step by step, motivating, inspiring, compassionate guidance to keep you accountable in your business.

As women we juggle an incredible amount of responsibility and we often take on more than our share of responsibility. That’s exactly why we need to come together to get the support we need to make our dreams and goals come true while enjoying life. It’s time to shed those feelings of being stuck and create the business you’ve always dreamed of and that is just within your reach. You are in the right spot because I’ve been where you’ve been and I’ve built my business from the ground up, on solid principles and techniques that work. Plus, I want to help you do the same thing quickly without the stumbling blocks I experienced. I genuinely care about my clients and I LOVE working one-on-one to help you achieve your individualized results.

I can help you realize your business dreams by giving you practical, no- nonsense, easy to use solutions that will allow you to:

  • Increase your number of ideal clients AND cash flow and quickly double your income
  • Create a solid business and have time to enjoy your family and make room for personal care
  • Manage your time better so you can make more money and have a more balanced, fulfilled life personally and professionally
  • Access proven business building tools to help you get clear, confident, and laser-focused to REALLY prioritize what’s important in your business
  • Gain more visibility for your service based business so you leverage your time and talents to work smarter not harder

Joy helped me gain clarity…quickly.
That, my friends, is worth the price of admission.

Pam Russell“After struggling for over six months to try to figure out what I wanted to do with my new business idea and thinking I need to do what everyone else was doing…Joy helped me gain clarity…quickly. After a 60-minute discovery session with her I realized I had been swimming in the wrong pond. I was able to get clear on my message, my audience and my plan. I realized areas of my business I need to hire help in so I can focus on what I do best. I attended an event two days after my time with Joy and as a result of my new found clarity I walked away with two new speaking engagements, two new coaching clients and close to 10 qualified prospects for future business. That my friends is worth the price of admission. ”

~ Pam Russell,


You see, when women entrepreneurs come to me they often feel more confident and productive after our first call. It could be, in part, that the confidence comes from knowing I stand behind my services and offer a 100% money back guarantee after the first session on my coaching programs. But more than that I’m told getting a clear action plan with easy to follow steps helps my clients see immediately how they are going to achieve their goals. Plus, clients appreciate my caring, nurturing guidance that keeps them on track without being too overbearing (I think this comes from being a mom.) Within the first session the worries and overwhelm of not having enough cash flow diminishes because my clients get clear about their next steps, fast.

I want to help you do the same thing. If you’re unclear about your target market or niche, need help with new marketing techniques to revive your current market interest, aren’t sure what your “gift” is or how to truly get “in the zone” with your clients, I can help you move past the confusion to laser clarity.

My clients often say I’m intuitive and can see their “gifts.” They appreciate that I’m insightful, authentic and provide a practical step-by step approach. I am honored to get this feedback and help them create a consistent cash flow and better accountability. It’s additional proof that what I do makes a difference and helps you build an even more successful business.

Having Joy’s constant support removed the guilt, confusion and fear that had been holding me back.

Teri Black-Brann“Working with Joy helped bring the clarity that I had been seeking for years. She helped me lay the groundwork for moving my six-figure consulting firm towards a seven figure business. Joy totally transformed my way of thinking. I don’t know how she did it, but she was able to give me the confidence to let other people handle the administrative elements and day-to-day demands and distractions of the business to free me up to operate and think like a true CEO. Implementing her recommendations has allowed me to thrive and enjoy a more strategic role so that I am more valuable to our clients and can better position the company to advance to the seven-figure level. Having Joy’s constant support removed the guilt, confusion and fear that had been holding me back.”

~ Teri Black-Brann,


Working with me is perfect for you if:

  • You are at a place where you realize you cannot do this all alone (even if you already have a team) and know you need a “thinking” partner to help with creativity and proven systems to move your business forward.
  • You’re passionate about growing your business but you know you need the tools, proven marketing methods and systems to really make it happen.
  • You’re able to attract new clients for a few months and then the well dries up and you’re not sure why. (Hint: we’ll create ongoing revenue streams so this doesn’t happen.)
  • One of your biggest concerns is keeping a consistent income flow and new clients coming through the door so you can live a life that truly supports you.
  • You are happiest when working your magic — whatever your magic might be, coaching, teaching, speaking and serving clients to truly make a difference in the world and you know there has to be a way to help more people more efficiently and you’re just not sure what that is.

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Be well,